team building

Increasing Effectiveness through Team Building

Focused on strengthening teams and improving their overall effectiveness, Sue Cullen & Associates provides facilitation and training sessions that are personalized to the requirements of each organization or board.

Whether your team is well established, in transition, or was recently formed, our team building sessions can be customized to address the needs of your team today and positively impact your organization in the future.

Strengthening Teams within Organizations
Leveraging years of practical business experience combined with organizational psychology, our team building sessions can increase productivity and improve team effectiveness by:
• Clarifying team mission, vision, values and goals
• Strengthening communication and listening skills
• Providing insight into how different personality types interact
• Increasing the understanding of team member roles, responsibilities, expectations and needs
• Leveraging the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses that each member brings to the team
• Taking a more creative approach to solving problems
• Fostering a win/win approach to communicating and decision-making
• Managing changes or conflicts effectively when they arise
• Nurturing participatory leadership and mentoring from all team members
• Encouraging proactive continuous improvement for the team and team members
• Having more fun as a team!

Known for her vibrant personality and excellent facilitation skills,
Sue Cullen “…creates the perfect environment for learning, growth
and positive change.  And her unique ability to listen, support and encourage each individual ensures that everyone will be engaged in the process,” noted Bill Hardaway, Senior Director of Human Resources at Fluor Corporation.

Ensuring School Boards Run Smoothly

Drawing upon the unique strengths and experiences of each board member, Sue Cullen & Associates helps school boards to uncover shared values and goals. By finding a common mission or purpose, the board members can more quickly and effectively work together and make the best decisions for their schools.

Join the growing list of organizations and boards who have improved their team’s effectiveness and increased productivity through team building sessions created by Sue Cullen & Associates.

Contact us today and put our experience to work for you!

“Sue Cullen is adept at applying her wide range of corporate, academic and non-profit experiences into targeted, timely and practical outcomes that teams can use immediately. Simply put…she is one of the best in the business.”

- Beverly Dickson, Dean North Campus, Central Piedmont Community College